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Place de Francfort

Green surroundings for taking a break and a redesigned railway station

Place de Francfort


Public spaces


SPL Lyon Part-Dieu


L’AUC, Bas Smets, Citec, Encore, No Design, ON


15 000 m²


Travaux de mi 2017 à fin 2018

This project designs a pleasant, shaded and welcoming environment, together with a functional convenient railway station.

The redevelopment of Place de Francfort is part of the multimodal interchange project. Its identity as a pedestrian square will be enhanced to provide a meeting place in an area that lacks vitality and a welcoming environment as travellers leave the railway station.  It will continue to operate as an interchange, providing connections with the T3, T4 and Rhônexpress, linking Part-Dieu to Saint-Exupéry airport. A considerable amount of planting will be carried out on the square, providing shaded areas in the long term, with four different tree species: ginkgo biloba, honey locust, pear and cedar.

Two-phased development

The redesign of Place de Francfort will take place in two phases. By 2018, developments will focus on how the square works at present: reorganisation of the railway station, landscape design, drop-off parking zone. Ultimately, the drop-off parking zone and the railway station areas currently occupying Place de Francfort will be relocated to Cour Villette, north of the SNCF railway station. It will then be completely redesigned to become a real public space for the inhabitants of the district, urban area and visitors passing through.

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