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Discover the Part-Dieu district with the urban walks and workshops organized by the Maison du Projet (Project Centre) in partnership with Chic de l’archi and Nomade Land Associations.

Urban walks

To understand the city, you need to walk through it, feel the atmosphere and take the time to explore it. In 2016, SPL Lyon Part-Dieu continues the urban walks it initiated in 2015 in partnership with Nomade Land Association. Once a month, guides and architecture historians introduce you to Part-Dieu through a walk that aims at better undestanding the transformations about to take place in La Part-Dieu and getting to know better some of the key witnesses of its history.

Educational workshops

To bring the challenges of urban planning to the attention of the young public, the SPL has called on a group from Lyon called Chic de l’Archi, whose goal is to play with architectural and urban culture for educational purposes. Children’s workshops are held so that they too can imagine and create La Part-Dieu of the future at the Project Centre.

Treasure hunt at the Project Centre in Lyon Part-Dieu, for the French Heritage Open Days.  © Credit Laurence Danière.

Cityscape walks

Download the Cityscape application and enjoy walking through and exploring La Part-Dieu district’s symobolic architecture.

Click on the map to use it
Click on the map to use it


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