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Bouchut street

Shared public space, planting and active use

Rue Bouchut

Future development

Public spaces


SPL Lyon Part-Dieu


L’AUC, Bas Smets, Citec, Encore, No Design, ON


18 900 m²


Construction work from mid-2017 to 2020

Rue Bouchut will be extended from Rue des Cuirassiers to Boulevard Vivier Merle. A more functional and convenient access will enable cars to turn left to enter the “Part-Dieu centre”. A huge pedestrian walk along the street, planted with greenery, will link the railway station to Rue Garibaldi and create vistas of the Rhône and the Presqu’île. The cycle route will also be redeveloped to make it more secure. The delivery access to the shopping centre will be reorganised. Running alongside the library, the gardens will be extended to provide a place to take a break and relax at the foot of the reading rooms. With the new active uses in the Silex¹ and the shopping centre, this artery will be livelier, while at the same time offering more space to plants.

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