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Le Dolet / Saint-Sacrement school

Combining a school and offices

Rue Étienne Dolet




Diocèse de Lyon


AFAA Architects


4,000 m²


Completed in 2015

This BBC (low energy) certified building is an unusual example of mixed-use on a narrow plot, bordered by other buildings and a church.

The private Saint-Sacrement school has 3 nursery classes and 7 primary classes on the two first floors of the building. This area has been heavily glazed so that natural light can enter. A small street connecting to parallel streets sets off the church façade and provides access to the school. The school scheme was financed by the service sector areas designed on the 4 top floors. The building’s various uses are identified by the careful selection and use of colours inside. The building was given cutting-edge acoustic insulation, so that adults would not lose their concentration in the offices, while the children play outside at the centre of the block.

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