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La Part-Dieu’s reinvention is symbolic of the new approach to building cities. It involves regenerating rather that starting afresh: it takes history into consideration, while anticipating the city of the future.

“Lieu d’être” performance by the Compagnie Acte in 2010, in the Moncey residence, Lyon Part-Dieu. © Credits Agence d’urbanisme de l’aire méropolitaine Lyonnaise (Lyon Metropolis Urban Planning Office).

New Lease of Life

La Part-Dieu boasts its own architectural identity and an audacious urban skyline. The urban reinvention project is based on this historical legacy, using the existing fabric wherever possible.

Our approach to the redevelopment of La Part-Dieu is respectful and maintains continuity. The strength of its reinvention is drawn from its roots.

Part-Dieu Style

To succeed in this transformation, we must build on its most valuable feature: its unique heritage, since the area did not spring up from nowhere. The Crayon (Pencil) Tower, the unusual Auditorium spaces and the large much sought after 1960s-style housing blocks, have an irrefutable strength of appeal and create La Part-Dieu’s very own style. This is why all new contemporary developments dialogue with these historical buildings. The Incity Tower reshaped the Lyon landscape and gave La Part-Dieu the architectural identity of large business districts. It will soon be followed by Sky 56 and To-Lyon, while the shopping centre will be redeveloped, but will maintain its historical front.

Iconic architecture of the Lyon Part-Dieu district. © Credit Jacques Léone.

The Long Story of la Part-Dieu

As it is today, La Part-Dieu district has seen a lot of change since the land was sold to the Hospices civils de Lyon by Mme de Servient. Timeline of the area’s history, from the 18th C to present day.

  • 1737: Mme de Servient sells the land of La Part-Dieu estate to the Hospices Civils de Lyon.
  • 1843 – 1847: The army purchases 24 hectares of the estate to build an artillery barracks.
  • 1855: Maréchal de Castellane requests the backup of Napoleon III for his project to establish “a district for three cavalry regiments and 4 artillery batteries” in La Part-Dieu. The landholding is inaugurated in 1860.
  • 1957: Louis Pradel, elected mayor of Lyon, decides to buy the military land of La Part-Dieu, amounting to 28 hectares.
  • 1960: Block plan of the housing scheme by J. Perrin-Fayolle, J. Sillian and J. Zumbrunnen, approved in 1962.
  • 1968: La Part-Dieu is a strategic left bank site. An ambitious tertiary development plan is drawn up. Development of the contemporary shopping image.
  • 1970 – 1971: EDF and GDF move into La Part-Dieu; indoor food market and car park are built.
  • 1972: Inauguration of the Municipal Library and completion of the UAP tower and the Britannia.
  • 1975: Inauguration of the shopping centre and the auditorium.
  • 1976: Inauguration of the urban community building.
  • 1977: Inauguration of the Crédit Lyonnais tower, renamed Part-Dieu tower on 22 September 2008.
  • 1978: Bringing into operation of the metro under the shopping centre.
  • 1979: Creation of La Part-Dieu railway station mixed development zone (ZAC), beginnings of a great concern with integrating the railway station in the city.
  • 1983: Inauguration of Lyon Part-Dieu railway station on 13 June.
  • 2010: Inauguration of the Oxygène Tower and the Cours Oxygène shopping centre.  Grand Lyon (Greater Lyon) launches the development creating the Lyon Part-Dieu Project.
  • 2011: Approval of the Key Plan and the Reference Plan [general development plan] (version 1).
  • 2012: Opening of preliminary consultation on the project.
  • 2013: Arrival of the T4 line in La Part-Dieu railway station and redevelopment of the Mouton Duvernet area.
  • 2014: Completion of Rue Garibaldi’s first phase of redevelopment.
  • 2014 – 2016: Demolition of the B 10 building, Place Béraudier.
  • 2015: Creation of the Lyon Part-Dieu Société Publique Locale (SPL- publicly-owned local development corporation) and launch of the Silex¹ constructions.
  • 2016: Inauguration of the Incity Tower; launch of the Sky 56 and Sky Avenue developments.


Period plan of La Part-Dieu district, 1960s © Agence d’urbanisme de l’aire métropolitaine Lyonnaise (Lyon Metropolis Urban Planning Office)
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