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Shops & active uses

To establish La Part-Dieu as a Metropolitan destination, the project plans an important chapter on the development of shops and services while striving to ensure complementarity between various entities (shopping centre, railway station, “active uses”).

Terraces on Rue Garibaldi © Laurence Danière

A wide range of shopping facilities

In La Part-Dieu, the shopping facilities are represented by:

  • 2 Large “destination” facilities: La Part-Dieu shopping centre and the Paul Bocuse indoor food market
  • More than 800 shops, 30% of which are cafes and restaurants
  • A potential of 15,000 m² of active uses (commercial ground floors) by 2030

For the shopping centre project, by 2020 we will have: 5,830 m² for the cinema, more than 7,000 m² of restaurants and 80 additional retail outlets.

Commercial strategy challenges

  • Making La Part-Dieu a busy district in the evening, at the weekend and during school holidays.
  • Creating synergies between the commercial activities in the district and surrounding area.
  • Improving the quality of services and use of already established commercial outlets, through the shopping centre project.
  • Offering a full range of services and shops to businesses and residents.

Active uses

Shops revisited

A key feature of the urban project, the “activity uses” provide continuity between the building and the street, connected in a “seamless flow”. This requires the inclusion of a ground floor at least 7 m high in each new building project. The base of each building is transparent, thanks to its glazed surfaces, and can house wide range of activities in attractive spaces. For group coherence, activity uses must adhere to common design rules: heights, signs, lighting, terrace layout, etc.

Location & positioning

Where are they?

  • East/West road, in the direction of Quais du Rhône and the Presqu’île: Rues Paul Bert, Bouchut, Servient, Deruelle.
  • North/South road: rue de la Villette, boulevard Vivier Merle, rue Garibaldi.
  • Railway area: Place Béraudier.

Several ground floors in buildings are already available:

The active uses of the Silex 1, Terralta, Sky Avenue and Two Lyon are currently being negotiated.

What activities?

  • The provision of local goods and services
  • Facilities (i.e. day nurseries)
  • Mid-range fast food outlets
  • General food stores
  • Traditional services (using innovative systems)


Two linear types will be distributed strategically in the district: trade and commercial on one side, all activities on the other.

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