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Real estate

With 210,000 m² of offices completed since 2010 and 155,000 m² intended by 2023, La Part-Dieu has become the leading tertiary district in France and in Europe.

Lyon Part-Dieu district real estate. © Credit Mathias Ridde.

Three available product types

Are you seeking to establish offices in the district? You have the choice between an “accessible modular business park”, a recent second-hand business park (+ renovations) and a new tertiary sector business park.

Accessible modular business park

  • Offer: very versatile old buildings (Part-Dieu Tower, Britannia, etc.)
  • Cost: highly competitive, around €150/m²

Recent second-hand business park and renovations

  • Offer: well-known addresses and buildings (Lugdunum, Green Part-Dieu, etc.) with large sized quarters available as companies come and go
  • Cost: rents between €190 and €200/m² excluding tax

New tertiary sector business park

  • Offer : latest generation of high or low-rise buildings, including a large number of services (Silex², Sky56, To-Lyon…)
  • Cost: rents between €260 and €340/m² excluding tax

98 % occupancy

La Part-Dieu district ranks 15th among European cities for its existing building investment performance*. Its occupancy rate of above 98% demonstrates a dense economic fabric. The district has capitalised on a progression of over 30% of its tertiary business park in the last 10 years. This is a sure sign that the environment in Lyon Metropolis and its tertiary district favours a healthy high performing real estate market.

+ 230,000 m² by 2018

By 2018, the Lyon Part-Dieu project will intensify its development focusing on an active programme of renovations and new energy-saving sustainable constructions. 230,000 m² of tertiary buildings, produced to the highest standards (RT 2012 – 20%, BBC low energy building, Excellent BREEAM rated) will be completed within a year.

These will accommodate a wide range of business needs and optimise the buildings’ value for money, with a much lower cost per workstation than in older buildings.

* 2011 Emerging Trends in Real Estate ranking.

Available space


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