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Sectors & key figures

The economic fabric of La Part-Dieu represents more than 45,000 service sector jobs. Offering a sustainable city, smart systems, businesses and services, the characteristics of this unique ecosystem resonate with strength and an ongoing development capacity.

At the foot of the Oxygène tower, the centre of Lyon Part-Dieu. © Credit Jean-Jacques Bernard.

Sustainable city and smart systems – a new dynamic

For a long time the site was thought of as a traditional business district, with a strong presence of banks and high added value services. Today, La Part-Dieu showcases a more unusual angle of services resulting from the emergence of activities connected with the sustainable city and smart systems. With 30,000 jobs and +16% growth between 2008 and 2013, these activities are now an essential part of the economic landscape.

Growing importance of an attractive sustainable city Overall intelligence, “seamless flow”, soft modes of transport, energy management, and so on, are very important and La Part-Dieu combines them all.

François Corteel,
Rhône-Alpes Regional Representative of EDF (Cahiers No. 2)

The economic fabric of Lyon Part-Dieu – extract from the Cahiers Part-Dieu No. 4 “Business support services, adding value to the economy”.



Key figures

Since 2010

  • 171, 600 m2 completed
  • 135, 000 m2 new offices
  • 36, 600 m2 renovated offices


  • More than 1 million m² offices
  • A flexible offer of 50 to 50,000 m²
  • Rents between 120 and €320 per m²
  • 2,500 companies
  • 60,000 jobs
  • 3% vacancy rate

By 2030 

  • + 650,000 m² offices attaining 1.6 million m² offices, offering a broad range of innovative high-performance buildings
  • + 40,000 jobs
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