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Residential property

There is a very strong focus on housing combined with offices in the district. The goal is to provide new dwellings, but also a chance to live in existing buildings that have been renovated to the same level of comfort.

Bouygues Immobilier’s Sky Avenue housing project. © Credit Asylum.

More housing

The project plans to develop housing, by increasing the number of dwellings at the centre of the district from 3,500 to over 5,000. A greater number of residents will therefore benefit from its public transport, railway station, shops, prominent cultural facilities and a very large job pool.


Varied housing

La Part-Dieu will offer a wide range of new and renovated dwellings to satisfy all requirements: social and private, home ownership for first-time buyers, lets, specifically for students or the elderly, in residences with services, innovative, and even combining home and workplace.

You cannot have diversity in the city without a wide range of housing »
Véronique Granger, Manager of ProDevelopment (l’AUC group)

Prioritising comfort

The projects work towards the very best thermal and acoustic comfort in new constructions and renovations. The housing must comply with the latest environmental standards in force (HQE Excellent, BREEAM/BBC-Effinergie (low energy building), etc.)

Glossary of terms

Market housing: home ownership or rented, with no income ceiling

Social rented housing: rented housing subject to income ceiling.

Social home ownership: maximum sale price: 2,000 euros/m². Social home ownership is for families whose income does not allow them or makes it difficult to buy in the private sector. Several subsidised schemes are available.

Subsidized home ownership at a set price: maximum sale price: 2,400 euros/m². This form of ownership is aimed at families whose income is below the social housing ceiling and enables them to benefit from a reduction in VAT on the purchase of a dwelling.


Key figures


  • 20,600 inhabitants
  • 13,500 dwellings

By 2030

  • + 4,000 inhabitants
  • + 2,200 dwellings
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